Things You'll Need To Do:

Step 1:
Call Newport Landing to set up the scattering of cremated remains.
You can either have them shipped directly to our office or bring the ashes down in person.

Step 2:
The cremation remains container/urn must be placed into leak proof packaging (plastic bag), boxed,
and sealed (taped). This box must be placed into a secondary shipping box and sealed. Make sure
to place packing material (bubble wrap, foam, paper, etc.) into the shipping box to reduce internal movement.

Step 3:
The United States Postal Service Registered Mail is the only way to ship cremated remains.
Fill out the Registered Mail shipping label with both the shipping and return address.
The card will be mailed to you with the signature of the person who received the cremation remains.

Step 4:
Identify and declare the package does contain cremated remains.
This must be noted on the addressed side of the shipping box.

Step 5:
In a separate attached envelope please fill out and enclose the "Permission to scatter cremated remains form"
and a copy of the permit for disposal issued by your counties health department.

Step 6:
Go to the nearest post office and ship the cremation remains via Registered Mail.

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