Thousands of families and relatives have selected Newport Landing for scattering of ashes at sea and burial at sea
services for the greater Los Angeles area departing from Newport Beach. Burial At Sea may also be known as
scattering of cremated remains and has been the best option for interment for many families and loved ones.
There are numerous reasons for selecting burial at sea or scattering of ashes at sea, including love of the sea,
wishes of the deceased, nautical background or experiences, conservation of land space, environmentally friendly
interment, spiritual associations with the ocean and its life chain, affordability, and uniqueness.

The different services offered by Newport Landing include:

1.) Family attended ash scattering services.

2.) Unattended ash scattering services

3.) Viewing from shore services

Within each type of service, we can tailor the wishes of family, relatives, and friends to their specific wishes. With over 20 years of helping those dealing with loss, we take special care to ensure that all details are handled to the highest possible level. Many of us here at Newport Landing have dealt with loss of family members, friends, and loved ones. We understand the challenges that can come with such a loss.

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