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  • Newport Landing has been providing affordable burial at sea services for over 20 years with such popular scattering destinations as Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, & Laguna Beach. We are a family owned company that takes pride in the services that we offer. We continue the respect, dignity and honor your loved one gained in life, and carry it to their final resting place. We believe that burials at sea are a celebration of life. As you commit your loved one to the sea you are sending them on an everlasting journey. Your loved one will ride on the ocean current and travel the world. All of the Earths oceans connect, ensuring your loved one will always be near. Ocean tides rise and fall, as do many roads of life. However, no matter how high or low the tide may be, the ocean is still a beautiful thing. We feel the Southern California coastline offers the best backdrops and locations for the beginning of your loved ones journey. From the beautiful cliffs of Laguna Beach, to the serenity of Catalina Island, your loved one will have a perfect starting point for their everlasting travel.
    We offer three options to accommodate your needs. We offer attended services, unattended services, and viewing from shore services. Within each type of service, we can tailor the wishes of family, relatives, and friends. With over 20 years of assisting those dealing with loss, we take special care to ensure that all details are handled to the highest possible level. Many of us here at Newport Landing have dealt with the loss of a loved one. We understand the challenges and heartache that can come with such a loss.

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